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Testing page

Solar System Calculator

The following calculator is intended to assist new solar users to select solar equipment easily based on a monthly electricity bill

Disclaimer: The calculator is intended to be used as a guide. The Sun Pays can not be held responsible for the outcome of the results of the calculator. It is still the end-user's responsibility to confirm if the selected equipment will be suitable for the user's needs or to obtain professional help from accredited installers.

Feedback: The calculator is still a work in progress. At the current stage, the calculator is only for 48V solar systems. For requests and feedback, please contact us.

Do you know your monthly power useage in kW.h or do you know your monthly electricity bill?

Would you like to have battery backup on the system?

Base on your montly electricity useage, you would require the following items:

Solar panels : 2x 330W

Batteries : 3x 100AH

Inverter : 1x 5kva axpert

Monthly savings Rxxxxxxx.xx

Would you like to add the above items to your cart (Y/Y) ?