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4kW 5kVA Axpert Pure Sine Wave Inverter Parallel

4kW 5kVA Axpert Pure Sine Wave Inverter Parallel

R 8,995.00

5kVA/4kW Inverter

Built in:

  • 60A MPPT charge controller (from PV) 
  • Inverter charger (grid to battery, solar to battery)
  • Bypass for grid to usage

Max Watt Output:

  • Continuous: 4kW
  • Surge (5 seconds): 8kW

Charging Source Settings:

  • Solar only: 60A (maximum)
  • Solar first, grid and solar, solar only, grid only- Can be set
  • Grid only: up to 60A

Output (discharge) Source:

  • Solar only - Can be set
  • Utility only (bypass) - Can be set
  • Prioritized solar/battery/utility - Can be set

Monitoring & Setting:

  • Computer Connection: Serial port
  • LCD screen

Expansion: Single Inverter

  • PV Panels minimum: 2 x 250Watt = 500W
  • PV Panels maximum: 12 x 250W = 3000W
  • Batteries minimum: 4 x 150Ah 12V
  • Batteries maximum: 12 x 150Ah 12V
  • Peak Efficiency: 90%
  • No Load Power Consumption: <50watt

Expansion: More Inverters

  • Installed in parallel: Up to 4 units=20kVA
  • Parallel kit available to change from single to parallel

Three Phase:

Requires three parallel inverter units, in parallel, and set to three phases.

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