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High Pressure Geyser

Installing a close coupled high pressure solar geyser is a luxurious water heating solution.

The geysers are available in a Black & White series and a Green & White Series. The main difference between the two series is that the Black & White series has 20% more tubes per volume of water than the Green Series.

Model 100L G&W 100L B&W 150L G&W 150L B&W 200L G&W 200L B&W 250L G&W 250L B&W 300L G&W
Volume 100L 100L 150L 150L 200L 200L 250L 250L 300L
Qty. of tubes 10 12 15 18 20 24 25 30 30
Tube 58 x 1800 x 2 mm with heat pipe
Exterior tank material 0.4mm White Steel Sheet
Interior tank material ≥1.2mm SUS304 Stainless Steel
Working pressure Green and White - 500 KPA / 5 bar Black and White - 600KPA / 6 Bar 
Insulation 55mm Polyurethane Foam