Retrofit manifold kit technical specifications

Convert your existing electrical geyser to solar with this luxurious high-pressure option.

Available models:

Retrofit Manifold Systems
10 Tube Retrofit Manifold Kit 
12 Tube Retrofit Manifold Kit 
16 Tube Retrofit Manifold Kit 
18 Tube Retrofit Manifold Kit 
24 Tube Retrofit Manifold Kit 



Retrofit Manifold Kit
5 Years


Evacuated Tubes:

  • This is a standard 1800 mm length x 58 mm diameter x 2 mm thick glass tube. These tubes are designed to withstand 38 mm diameter hailstones.
  • Heat transfer into the high-pressure tanks is done with copper heat pipes. Heat pipes utilize a liquid which boils and condenses, thus causing an effective heat transfer cycle.
  • There is no water inside a high pressure vacuum tube. Thin aluminium plates and a copper heat pipe transfer the heat from the hot black inner vacuum tube to the tank.



    Delivers your normal municipal pressure. Municipal water supply is usually between 1bar and 5bar (depending on location and time of day).


    The retrofit manifold system consists of the following items:

    • A high pressure manifold (header)
    • Vacuum tubes for high pressure water systems
    • Mounting frame
    • Air release valve
    • 10W solar panel
    • 12V re-circulation pump

    The system can be connected to your existing electrical geyser. Water is automatically circulated during the day from the existing geyser to the solar collector and back to the geyser. 


    The following guide can be used to match the manifold kit with your existing geyser size:

    • 100L Existing Geyser -> 10 or 12 Tube Manifold
    • 150L Existing Geyser -> 16 or 18 Tube Manifold
    • 200L Existing Geyser -> 24 Tube Manifold


    Optional electric backup system:

    Electrical geysers has a standard 32 mm screw-in South African electric element with pocket. It can be controlled with either a thermostat or an SR609 programmable controller.


    SR609 smart controller:

    The SR609 is a programmable electronic control panel. The features include:

    • The display of the water temperature inside the manifold that is measured by a probe that fits inside the manifold frame.
    • It can be set to heat the water in the tank electrically in three cycles of time and temperatures.
    • Default: if the water is cooler than 54oC between 4 and 5 am, the water will be heated to 60oC. The same happens between 5 and 10 pm again.
    • A manual button raises the temperature up to the programmed temperature (usually 60oC), whenever needed.
    • There is a battery backup, so it will not forget its settings.


    The choice between low and high pressure:

    If you want to keep your municipal or pressure pump pressure, a high-pressure system is the better choice. You will have less available hot water compared to the low-pressure systems, because high-pressure geysers do not store hot water in the tubes like low pressure systems. 


    Installation instructions and additional information available at Technical Support.