High-pressure geyser technical specifications

The high-pressure systems are available in a Stainless Steel series and a Green & White series. The differences are explained below.

Available models:

 Stainless Steel Series  Green & White Series
10 Tubes per 100L 10 Tubes per 100L
100 Litres - 10 x 1.8m Tubes 100 Litres - 10 x 1.8m Tubes
150 Litres -12 x 1.8m Tubes 150 Litres -15 x 1.8m Tubes
200 Litres - 20 x 1.8m Tubes 200 Litres - 20 x 1.8m Tubes
250 Liters - 25 x 1.8m Tubes 250 Liters - 25 x 1.8m Tubes


Stainless Steel series Green & White series
 5 Years 2 Years


Outer tank material:

Stainless Steel series - 0.4mm Stainless steel sheet.

Green & White series - 0.4mm White steel sheet.

Inner tank material:

Both series' inner tank consists of 1.2mm SUS 304 stainless steel.

Insulation material:

Both series have 55mm thick polyurethane foam between the inner and outer tank.


The high-pressure tanks can weigh up to 50kg.



 Stainless Steel series Green & White series
500kPa 500kPa

Evacuated Tubes:

  • This is a standard 1800 mm length x 58 mm diameter x 2 mm thick glass tube. These tubes are designed to withstand 38 mm diameter hailstones.
  • Heat transfer into the high-pressure tanks is done with copper heat pipes. Heat pipes utilize a liquid which boils and condenses, thus causing an effective heat transfer cycle.
  • There is no water inside a high pressure vacuum tube. Thin aluminium plates and a copper heat pipe transfer the heat from the hot black inner vacuum tube to the tank.


Optional electric backup system:

All models can accommodate a standard 32 mm screw-in South African electric element with pocket. It can be controlled with either a thermostat or an SR609 programmable controller.

SR609 smart controller:

The SR609 is a programmable electronic control panel. The features include:

  • The display of the water temperature inside the tank that is measured by a probe that fits inside the pocket of the element.
  • It can be set to heat the water in the tank electrically in three cycles of time and temperatures.
  • Default: if the water is cooler than 54oC between 4 and 5 am, the water will be heated to 60oC. The same happens between 5 and 10 pm again.
  • A manual button raises the temperature up to the programmed temperature (usually 60oC), whenever needed.
  • There is a battery backup, so it will not forget its settings.

The choice between low and high pressure:

If you want to keep your municipal or pressure pump pressure, a high-pressure system is the better choice. You will have less available hot water compared to the low-pressure systems, because high-pressure geysers do not store hot water in the tubes like low pressure systems.