Low Pressure Geysers

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We've obtained a sales permit from the NRCS and the geysers are ready for sale.  

Installing a close coupled low-pressure geyser is one of the most cost-effective water heating solutions available. 

Low-pressure refers to the operating pressure of the geyser. The geyser tank can not operate at high pressures because the tank wall is only 0.35mm thick compared to a standard 1.2mm thick high-pressure geyser tank. The ends of the low-pressure geyser are not welded but folded to be watertight; hence the cost-effectiveness of the solar geyser.

An auxiliary tank or feeder tank is required and recommended to regulate the incoming pressure to the low-pressure geyser. The outlet of the geyser is gravity fed to the taps. A low-pressure anti-scald valve should be installed on the outlet of the geyser to ensure that the outlet temperature is not too hot for the user. 

Model 100L 150L 200L
Volume 100L 150L 200L
Qty. of tubes 10
Tube 58x1800x2 mm 58x1800x2 mm 58x1800x2 mm
Exterior Tank Material

0.35mm Stainless Steel

0.35mm Stainless Steel Sheet

0.35mm Stainless Steel Sheet

Interior Tank Material 0.35mm SUS304 Stainless Steel 0.35mm SUS304 Stainless Steel 0.35mm SUS304 Stainless Steel
Outer Tank Diameter 470mm 470mm 470mm
Insulation 55mm Polyurethane Foam 55mm Polyurethane Foam 55mm Polyurethane Foam