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Online Solar Monitoring

TSP Solar Bot:

TSP Solar Bot can be used on a Raspberry Pi (or other Linux ARM devices) to log inverter and battery information to the cloud. The data can be remotely viewed in a user friendly manner at 


  • Raspberry Pi (or Linux ARM device)
  • Axpert inverter (TSP 4kW / TSP 5kW / TSP 5.5 kW / Sacolar / Growatt)
  • Lithium battery (TSP 4.8 kWh)
  • Internet connection


  • Dashboard with system overview, weather data, power graphs for solar, load and utility consumption, battery SoC and other summaries
  • Detailed inverter data
  • Detailed battery data
  • Alarm data

Installation Instructions:

  1. Extract the .tar file to your Desktop or your preferred destination. The tar file can be extracted by right-clicking the .tar file and selecting "extract here".
  2. Execute "". It is located in the TSPSolarBot folder that was extracted in step 1 above. It is only necessary to execute once. If you execute it again you will have to log in again.
  3. Run TSPSolarBot to open the main program. The file does not have .sh or .exe extension.
  4. Click the Login button and log in with your username/email and password that can be created at You can click the link to open the web browser.





  • As the software is still a work in progress, bugs and errors will be present. Feedback or recommendations can be sent to
  • Auto update is not yet implemented. Please visit this page to obtain the latest copy of the logging software until the auto-update feature was added.
  • Logging and monitoring is currently for single inverter and battery. To be updated soon for multiple systems.
  • Online monitoring can only view data. Changing inverter settings remotely to be updated soon.
  • Remote relay control (for geyser timer via the Raspberry Pi) from the dashboard to be updated soon.
  • Offline functionality to be implemented soon.